Small Town Demons

Small Town Demons, by Shannon Celebi (a.k.a. me) is now available for Kindle, Nook, and also in paperback.

In this companion to Celebi’s first collection of short stories, Small Town Ghosts, we meet a teenage girl on the brink of madness, a little old lady who invites two weary travelers in for some lemonade and old-fashioned religion, a young woman who risks everything for love and juju, a dying grandmother with some last minute confessions, and a lonely child whose only request to Santa is a pretty baby dolly all her own.

Seven more tales of small town terror...

Bitter Sweet Ironies
Solicitors Welcome 
Opening Wounds 
The Girl Who Has Everything 
For My Granddaughter, Elaine, Upon My Death 
Jack Fell Down and Broke His Crown 
Eleven Winters in Purgatory

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